Hot Home Prepared Meals


We began preparing and packaging our own meals for our "Hot Meal Program" in Amador County beginning July 1, 2015. In the past, we utilized a pre-packaged meal, we heated and delivered the meal. 

By preparing our own meal, we offer a much better tasting and more nutritious meal for the home-bound senior. The beginning of each month our seniors now receive a menu that lets them know what to expect on each given day.

This is huge for our seniors, and we are delighted that we can now offer a great tasting and nutritious meal that our seniors can enjoy.

For more information on our "Meals On Wheels" program, please call (209) 223-3015

Bobby Keeling, Senior Nutrition Services

Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels is much more that just a meal.  It provides home bound older adults with a means of human contact on a daily or weekly basis with our friendly, courteous delivery staff.  This gives our clients a sense of security knowing that someone who cares will check on them.  The program also connects and links individuals to community resources.  Each home delivered meal comes with an entree, milk, and dessert. The suggested donation* is $4.00 per meal.

The Meals on Wheels program is available in Amador and Calaveras counties.


• Age 60 and over
• Home bound or otherwise isolated

• Needs assistance with meal preparation
• Lives within the service area

Nutritional Value

All meal programs are approved by a registered dietician and meet 1/3 of the recommended daily dietary allowance.

*Nutrition programs have suggested donations.  However, no eligible participant shall be denied services based on their lack of ability to contribute.

Programs partially funded provided by Area 12 Agency on Aging.