It is a pleasure preparing meals for you. I welcome any suggestions or comments on our meals. I also encourage you to make a reservation if you are planning on dining with us. If there is an entrée that you are allergic to, or can't eat, please let me know and I will be happy to prepare you an alternative.


Not Hungry?

  • Just not hungry anymore? Try these tips to increase your appetite:

  • Eat four to six small meals instead of three large meals.

  • Keep your portion sizes smaller.

  • Make meal time pleasant. Set the table, and remove the serving dishes. Play your favorite music.

  • Give yourself time to eat. Don’t answer the phone or watch television.

  • Eat when the food is hot. The food will smell better.


Fluid Facts

  • Adults need an average of eight cups of water a day.

  • Water is needed to keep your body working properly.

  • By not getting enough water, you can become dehydrated.

  • Signs of dehydration include: dry skin, dry mouth and throat, rapid heart rate, lack of energy and weakness.

  • To increase your water intake, keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator and drink from it throughout the day.

  • Try not to drink too many products with caffeine. They can make your body lose water.

  • Thirst is not a good indicator of need for water.